Hellmode ~A Hardcore Gamer Becomes Peerless in Another World with Retro Game Settings~ 034

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Chapter 34 – Boar Hunt ①

It was October 1st. Allen was now 7 years old. 

His family was gathered in the main room of their house.

“We’re off then.”

“See you later, Mom.”

“Be careful, Rodan, Allen.”

Before they left, Theresia gave Rodan a kiss and hugged Allen. She squeezed him tightly. It seemed like a never-going-to-see-you-again kind of hug. 

Rodan grabbed his spear and took his usual bag of food for hunts. The bag slung over his back was a bit bigger than usual because it also had food for Allen.

At the beginning of September, the mayor had asked them, on behalf of the lord, to hunt more Boars each year. While Rodan was thinking about increasing the number of hunts, Allen suggested an alternative.

Rodan and Gerda were both open to the proposal. They felt that it would reduce the burden of the hunts, and the number of casualties.

Today was the day they would try out Allen’s idea.

Rodan and Allen met up with Gerda. Kurena and Matilda, holding Lily, were with him.

“Alllleeeennnn! I wanna go toooo~!!”

Kurena grabbed Allen’s arm. It sounded like she wanted to join them on the Great Boar hunt. Gerda looked troubled.

“Haha, maybe when you’re a bit older.”

“Eh~ But Allen gets to~”

“That’s because I’m just looking.”

She puffed out her cheeks because she couldn’t go even though they were the same age. Allen said that he would see her later and patted her on the head. He asked if they could play knights at his house today, without him. Mash couldn’t leave the house without Allen. 

Allen and Rodan went with Gerda to the gate at the edge of the residential area.

For this hunt, Allen wouldn’t participate, and only observe.

Rodan and Gerda both accepted Allen’s suggestions, but they said that there was no way he would be allowed to join the hunt. Allen spent an hour desperately trying to convince them, but they said that it was just too dangerous.

Rodan wouldn’t back down no matter what. He kept saying no, absolutely not, that there was no way he’d let a seven-year-old child join in. 

Then, Allen asked if he could just go with them. They almost said no to that too. Allen said he had to go, to confirm that the plan worked. In the end, they agreed that it would be fine if he observed from a distance. Gerda watched the argument between Allen and Gerda, and wondered why this kid was willing to go so far.

They talked about when it was okay for Allen to join. They said that he would have to at least be 10 years old. To Allen, 7 and 10 were the same; he had been 35 in his previous life. It seemed like serf children usually started helping their parents out when they were 10.

So, probably because of this common sense, Rodan was shocked when a 3 year old said that he would help out around the house.

Rodan was a serf who had never gone to school, who had started working at a young age. Commoner children also started helping out at about the same age. Allen heard that Rodan had started helping his family out in the fields when he was 10.

In this world, you became an adult at age 15.

(So I can’t join in for another 3 years? I want the EXP from the great boar. There’s gotta be something I can do.)

To Allen, EXP was everything. Now that it was October, he was planning to start hunting Albaherons again, but he also wanted the EXP from Great Boars. He was wondering if he could figure something out while he was “observing”.  

(Hmm, my loadout is perfect.)

For today, he was only going to be observing. However, since he was about to start fighting Albaherons again, he adjusted his cards for hunting.

At the age of 7, his stats went from 60% to 70% of their real value.

【 NAM 】 Allen
【 AGE 】 7
【 CLS 】 Summoner
【 LVL 】 2
【 H P 】 45 (65) + 75
【 M P 】 42 (60) + 35
【 ATK 】 16 (24) + 75
【 DEF 】 16 (24) + 18
【 AGL 】 35 (51) + 28
【 INT 】 49 (70) + 10
【 LCK 】 35 (51) + 35
【 SKL 】 Summon <3>, Create <3>, Synthesize <3>, Enhance <3>, Expansion <2>, Delete, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>
【 EXP 】 600 / 2,000

・Skill LVL

・Skill EXP
【CREAT】 51,418 / 100,000
【SYNTH】 51,410 / 100,000
【ENHNC】 51,400 / 100,000

・Obtainable Summons
【 BUG 】F G H
【 BRD 】F G

【 BUG 】F 3 cards, G 3 cards
【BEAST】F 15 cards
【 BRD 】F 2 cards
【GRASS】F 7 cards

Enhance had gone up to level 3. Since then, he had been spending his MP to gain skill EXP evenly. Create, Synthesize, and Enhance were all halfway to level 4. He would get to Summon level 4 next year.

Level 3 Enhance increased two stats by 30 – the same stats as the creature’s blessing. His summons were getting better and better. “

They passed through the village square and approached the gate. A crowd had gathered. It was the members of today’s hunting party, and they were all holding spears.

Someone said “Oh, they’re here!” and everyone looked at Allen, thinking something like “so he actually came.” However, nobody voiced an objection to Rodan or Gerda.

Rodan had given permission for Allen’s visit, and Gerda didn’t object.

Furthermore, the past year, Allen had shown above average strength. Many serfs had seen him carry water and firewood. In a world where levels could multiply a person’s strength by dozens of times, they accepted Allen.

“When everyone is here, we’ll leave. We’ve got two newcomers today, so let’s show them what we got!!”

” ” “Yeah!” ” “

Everyone responded to Rodan’s shout. It was the return of the leader of the Boar hunters, who had been gone for a year. The crowd was on fire. 

There were still some people missing, so they waited. The two newbies had already arrived. They were both commoners. Allen heard that they were 2 of the 5 who had joined last year. They were waiting with their spears. 

The following are some methods of increasing hunting output, which was normally 10 Boars a year. 

・More frequent hunts

・More hunting groups

The more often they hunted, the more Boars they would kill. Right now, there were around 20 hunters. If they split into two groups, they would be able to hunt twice as many Boars. 

But in either case, they would need more hunters.

(First off, I have to show them that these two will be able to hunt without a problem. Then, we can start recruiting new people.)

They’d start with 2 people first. The plan was to increase the number of Boar hunters over time. 

While Allen was thinking, it seemed like everyone arrived.

“Looks like we’re all here. Let’s go!”

” ” “Yeah!” ” “

This time it was Gerda who shouted. Hearing everyone’s vigorous reply, they headed for the gate.

(It’s been 7 years since I was born as a serf. And now, I’m finally leaving the village.)

For today, Allen got permission from the mayor to leave the village. If it was Rodan and Gerda asking, the mayor couldn’t refuse. When they told him that it was necessary for the hunt, he gave them an incredulous look. 


Allen’s voice came out involuntarily.

After passing through the village gate, they were outside. Beyond the gate, it wasn’t as well maintained, but there was a road. Allen wondered if this was the road the knights came on last year.

There weren’t any on the road, but everywhere else there were sparse trees that obscured the horizon. It wasn’t as lush as woodlands or a forest, but it wasn’t a meadow. Allen wondered if the nearby trees had been cut for firewood. 

He couldn’t stop looking at the wide expanse of the world.

“Allen, let’s go. This way.”

Rodan called out to Allen, who had stopped walking, frozen.

They didn’t use the path that the knights came on. They passed through the gate and turned towards the forest. A dense forest loomed in the distance.

(So first, we walk 3 hours to get to the first hunting ground.)

Today, they were going to make up for the hunt where they had the newbies join. They were going back to the same hunting ground. It was quite a distance away.

As they walked, while Allen reconfirmed what Rodan and Gerda had told him about their hunting methodology, a young man came up to Rodan.

“I’ll do my best today!”

(Hm? I know him from somewhere.)

It seemed like he was one of the commoner newbies.

“Yup. Well, you won’t have to brace yourself as much this time.”

Rodan responded that it wouldn’t be as hard this time.

(Ahh, it’s the young man who came to visit us last year. So he’s back again this year?)

Rodan had asked the mayor to recruit 2 newcomers, from either the serfs or commoners. The mayor agreed, and today, there were two new participants.

Twenty three people headed towards the hunting grounds where they would catch a Great Boar.

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